“House Metal Sheet”, window to receive the light with patio



In this period, the trend of “Minimal” is on the rise. Anyone who is a hipster should not miss it. Because today we have a minimalist house style idea That looks like little decoration But actually a minimalist house That is very beautiful. Because it is a simple, beautiful, and comfortable home decoration style.

But actually hidden with the beauty of the elegant furniture and practicality, which emphasizes the use that is consistent and satisfies the lifestyles of the residents for anyone thinking about building a house or wanting to decorate a minimalist interior but haven’t had any ideas you can find an idea from this article



The square house. With balcony area Outside, metal sheets are used to create a large box-like appearance. With glass windows And sliding doors Let the air circulate And the sunlight shone into the house


This house uses wood as the main decoration material. So we have seen the use of built-in furniture in different areas of the house to save the most space.


House design is available To connect the outside and inside together, the rooms are not closed separately. But can walk to and from each other, all looks clear and comfortable

Patio area It is an open space without walls, using the roof as a lath. And also installed A bird’s nest swing for sitting or relaxing, watching the atmosphere around the house as well.




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