“Brick wall house” with a garden in the middle of the house

Architect: 90odesign
Area size: 200 m2
Year of construction: 2019
Photography by: Cung Vit


The exterior design looks like a brick vent. Contrast with the white wall designed to have a vents wall. This will help the house to be cooler. Light comes through making the area inside the house not too dark and also provides a beautiful, exotic atmosphere.

The decorations are highlighted in green like trees, creating a cool atmosphere. Contrast with the warm color of the brick wall wooden furniture. Perfect blend.


A 40 square meter garden in the middle of the house is an outdoor relaxation corner. Sipping tea or coffee. The owner also collect s some exotic plants here.


On a white painted background, natural wood furniture and brick walls create a contrast to space. The black and white cement siding is also an interesting highlight.

The glass back door of the brick facade reduces dust and noise for the home.


The living room, dining table, and kitchen are connected, running along with the garden. The garden is separated from the living area by large glass doors. So all living spaces are always open.

It is a one-floor house, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 150 square meters usable area, the ultra-functional design comes with a green garden in the middle.

The inner area will focus on openness. Choose a glass size that is large, frosted. Allowing the full amount of natural light.


The area between cooking corners With dining corner.

The kitchen and bathroom are decorated with the same tiles.

The kitchen island overlooking the garden allows you to relax even while cooking.


The kitchen will focus on dark wood materials. The kitchen floor will choose to use a vintage pattern.


Source: Archdaily

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