“U shaped houses” surrounded the courtyard in the middle

Today we have an idea for loft-style houses and beautiful industrial houses. The house decorated with bare plasterwork. It is another style of home that many people like. With the beauty of the charm of exposed raw material surfaces. Does not require any complicated painting. Giving natural beauty and unique in itself and easy to use with the residents as well. For anyone who is looking for house ideas, Let check this out.

Architect: Auhaus Architecture
Year: 2017
Photography by Mike Baker.


The house is hidden behind a high private entrance. Four modern bedrooms are designed for relaxing living and outdoor activities.

Courtyard house free space creates a private relaxation area. Or the courtyard in the middle of the house combining texture, warmth, raw simplicity, and luxury. The roof protrudes to cover the outside walkway.

Courtyard House

For both work and leisure, there is a reading area and reading corner with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

Made of quality bluestone and natural hardwood, the clay-painted materials and surfaces create a feeling of harmony between the home and nature. Horizontal bluestone slabs and vertical hardwood combine to perfection.

The usable area around a large courtyard

Draws natural light and breeze into the house. The courtyard emphasizes the lofty ceilings and the endless space as the centerpiece of the design. The semi-enclosed courtyard serves as an outdoor chamber through which all internal spaces flow. Great for summer entertaining or lounging under the open sky.


The modern matte black kitchen, accented with brass fittings and oak floors, gives the home a stylish look.


Living room

Two living rooms cater to spending time together in the family. This section is connected to the kitchen and dining room.


Working area

Workroom with bookshelves up to the ceiling.

Brown hardwood floors reduce the harshness of the dark gray bluestone slabs.






Clear glass walls add light transparency. Open your vision to be fresh from the green lawns to receive soft light.






White bathroom with charcoal gray, a simple color scheme for a cool look.


Install fittings made of brass. Making the house look good and classy.

source: Homeworlddesign

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