Small and simple “house on the hill” with wide terrace

Single house, various styles, various styles that are becoming a house that is very popular today. Which the advantage of a single-story house is relatively easy to care for System work and construction is not complicated. Thus saving in terms of the construction budget. And today, we will take you to see a modern one-story house, good size even though it looks simple, it has an attractive charm. Reflect the personality of the owner very well. If anyone is planning to build a house but still can’t figure out what style to design the house. Let’s go see this together.


The house located in the hillside area in the midst of nature, the oblique roof in black and white tone, small back, there is a terrace in front of the house to sit and relax or watch the view of nature.




It is a simple Japanese style, a floor-standing sofa that matches the atmosphere of nature. There is a warm open fireplace, dark stone decorated with a contrast color of the house.

The house is a glass door that opens wide to catch the natural breeze. There are functions and facilities inside. Suitable for a vacation home.


Architects : Jaime Rendon,Felipe Campuzano
Area : 80 m²
Year : 2006
Photographs : Sergio Gomez

Cr : Jaimerendonarquitectos

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